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Blacksands, Inc

Blacksands SCaaS solution provides dynamically encrypted point-to-point connections that are simple, secure, scalable and affordable.

Blacksands Secure Connection as a Service (SCaaS) ensures that cities of all sizes can transform into smart cities safely, securely, efficiently and affordably. With our solution cities can manage cyber risk, improve productivity, reduce costs, protect data privacy and enhance the experience of its citizens. Blacksands SCaaS is simple to deploy and manage; highly secure with our invisible edge receiver, dynamically encrypted point-to-point connections, and no touching of data; scalable from the smallest town to the largest metropolitan city; and affordable for budgets of all sizes with cost reductions of up to 90% over other network security solutions. Our solution enables cities to understand who and what is connecting into their systems, while restricting access to only authorized systems.

Blacksands was selected as the winner of the 2019 AcceliCITY Smart City competition amongst over 500 global companies.

Blacksands is a Tier 1 Partner for Accentures Smart City Dream Team