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Coord's curb management platform empowers cities to digitally manage the curb, helping create streets that are efficient, safe, & equitable.

Coord helps cities manage their streets, starting with the curb. Coord is the only comprehensive curb management platform, empowering cities with the tools to digitally inventory, allocate, price and operate the curb. Coord partners include cities like Aspen, Boston, Nashville, and Vancouver.

Coord’s mobile app, Coord Collector, helps inventory curbs so cities know where the curb is, what’s on it, and how it can be used. Coord’s web app allows cities to visualize and analyze curb space so they can align allocation with city priorities. The Coord Driver mobile app, the Coord Inspector app, and the Coord API work together to allow cities to operate their curbs through programs such as Smart Zones. Smart Zones are spaces along the curb cities digitally manage and operate. Using Coord, a city can designate who may use the space, when, for how long and at what price. Drivers use a mobile app, Coord Driver, to see real-time availability, reserve zones and book and pay for space in them.
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  • https://www.coord.com

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