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Frost Control Systems

Do you know real-time conditions of your winter roads? Increase safety, save money on salt and enhance operations with our sensor service.

At Frost Control Systems, we manufacture non-invasive, non-contact, infrared sensors that are built for the harshest winter conditions. At any time our sensors are measuring the surface temperature, air temperature, dew point, and humidity. We pair this hardware with a variety of software interfaces and deliver the information, in real-time, to your desktop or mobile device. New in 2020, we can now offer an all-in-one device that includes road conditions + a camera, so you can have eyes on the road.
With our sensors we offer a turnkey service by installing the sensors and providing year-round maintenance and technical support. Cities use this data to increase road safety, improve response time, gain operational efficiencies, decrease salt usage and gain more precise weather forecasts.

Our Products