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Polco is a civic engagement platform for local government to help improve citizen communications, voter participation, and transparency.

Polco’s online verified surveying and polling connects citizens and their local governments. Local governments are constantly being challenged to improve their online, social, and civic communications. They also have an individual interest to improve their policy polling so they can get better data driven confidence.  Broader data balances the squeaky wheels at town hall currently with disproportionately influence. Balanced input yields wiser policy actions: staves off what may have been unwanted public projects or can build and measure support on new initiatives.

At the same time, citizen satisfaction with governance is at an all time low, frustration and gridlock at an all time high citizens want an easier way to have transparency, a voice, and accountability with their governments.

Polco delivers value at all points. The platform offers web-based polling and analytics that increases civic engagement and informs policymakers.
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  • https://polco.us