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Citibeats AI Analytics discovers, categorizes and synthesises most relevant people’s concerns and social trends.
We help cities to understand people’s opinions to build more responsive societies.

Citibeats is the AI-based Analytics Platform unique in identifying social trends and concerns. It discovers, categorizes and synthesizes people’s opinions from large quantities of data. It offers qualitative information and sentiment insights that give human meaning to your data.

Our proprietary machine-learning algorithms transform a community’s natural language data into valuable intelligence that empowers decision makers.

Citibeats solutions for Smart Cities, Mobility and Tourism are relied on by clients worldwide. Our technology has been developed with MIT Media Labs and Singularity University, and awarded by World Sustainability Awards (United Nations), European Union and NTT Data.

Citibeats, a Social Coin product, designed to improve societies based on the needs of the people.
Our Artificial Intelligence is built with the purpose of understanding societies and ecosystems.

How does our technology work?

1 COLLECTION: Citibeats gathers what people say from public or private data sources such as: news, blogs, social media, emails, contact centers or CRMs.

2 UNDERSTAND: Our proprietary Machine-Learning algorithm quickly categorizes and synthesizes this data to identify the most relevant information.

3 ANSWER: Our platform transforms data into visuals so decision makers can effectively respond.

What make us different?

  • Fast and flexible categorization
  • Conversation synthesis
  • Language agnostic
  • Social Mission

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