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Citizen engagement made easy.
CitizenLab helps governments of all sizes reconnect with their communities of citizens in an easy accessible way. Whether you organise participation in specific projects, neighbourhood initiatives, or participatory budgeting—already more than 75 local governments centralise their citizen consultations on CitizenLab. 

Consult your citizens’ voice effortlessly
  • Personalisation: design, maps & areas
  • Information: interactive media, timeline & projects
  • Consultation: surveys & polling
  • Co-creation: ideas, reactions & votes

Manage the citizen input and give feedback
  • Idea management: status & feedback
  • Auto-moderation: prevention & spam reporting
  • Segmentation: roles & permissions
  • User management: invitations & groups

Understand your citizens better through data insights
  • Processing: classification & clustering
  • Insights: dashboard & analyses
  • Reporting: emails & notifications
  • Data management: export & API access

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