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Continuous Network & Communications Monitoring-as-a-Service (for cybersecurity)

Converged visibility & awareness, as well as detection and mitigation
Converged Visibility
The service provides complete enterprise visibility by integrating with leading security tools, such as SIEM, other activity reporting tools, Next Generation Firewalls, vulnerability management tools and more. The service platform also shares information with CMDB, asset inventory platforms, change management tools and more. APIs are designed to facilitate extraction of data even to proprietary tools, giving a more coherent view of the IT & OT environments in a single pane of glass.
Threat Detection and Mitigation
The service detects and alerts about threats coming from external and internal sources - whether human or malware based.

The service identifies anomalous network behavior, enforces network security policies and tracks local changes on devices. This enables 1898 & Co. to detect and mitigate risky events in OT environments. Context- aware alerts include extended information and a comprehensive audit trail for fast incident response and forensic investigations.

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