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Coord Curb Management Platform

Coord is a comprehensive curb management platform, empowering cities with tools to digitally inventory, allocate, price & operate the curb.
Coord Inventory Management System: 
Coord’s mobile app, Coord Collector, enables cities to digitally inventory curbs so they know where the curb is, what’s on it, & how it can be used at any given time. It also allows for occupancy & turnover data collection, making it easy for anyone to do a curbside or parking study.

Coord’s web app allows cities to visualize and analyze curb space so they can align allocations with city priorities & evaluate alternative scenarios. 

Curb Operations with Smart Zones: 
Smart Zones are spaces along the curb cities digitally manage & operate. Using Coord, a city can designate who may use the space, when, for how long & at what price. 

Drivers & fleets use a mobile app, Coord Driver, to see real-time availability, reserve zones & book & pay for space in them.  This reduces illegal parking and circling, improving safety & efficiency while generating revenue.

Check out our City of Aspen case study, linked below, for details on how Smart Zones work.
Coord Inventory Management System: No Special Equipment Needed
All you need to create a detailed, accurate curb inventory is an iPhone or iPad. Coord uses augmented reality, not GPS, enabling accuracy to one meter.  

Coord can ingest, combine and process existing datasets, enabling many cities to have a detailed curb asset and regulation inventory without new data collection.

The Coord web app allows analysis of curb data by anyone with a web browser - no GIS skills are needed. Coord data are exportable to ESRI, GeoJSON, and PDF.  

Unlike other systems, which require humans to translate assets into regulations, Coord automatically updates curb regulations as assets change.

Smart Zones: Asset-Light Curb Operations
Anyone with access to an iOS/Android device or web browser can use Smart Zones. Drivers/fleets can use the Coord Driver mobile app or integrate with the Coord API.

Smart Zones do not require circuits, cameras or sensors; however, Coord can integrate with the hardware of your choice.

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