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Cowlines is a FREE multimodal transportation app that integrates public transit, bikeshare, carshare, rideshare & taxis into a single trip.
Cowlines is the first FREE multi-modal trip planning app with hundreds of integrated providers that combines:
  • public transit
  • bike share programs
  • car share companies
  • ride share companies
  • taxicabs
into a single trip, with the goal of reducing GHG emissions in cities.

Cowlines is the only app of its kind able to track and report verifiable CO2 emissions per user. The app is fully customizable by users by choosing their desired modes of transport, maximum walking time and more.

For every trip, the app provides:
  • total trip cost
  • total door-to-door trip time
  • total CO2 emissions
  • compares with the equivalent private vehicle trip
  • mode-by-mode directions to the destination
  • logs every trip in the user’s profile

Cowlines is available on the App Store in Vancouver. Cowlines will launch across large urban centres in US and Canada in the next 6 months.

Android coming later in 2019.

#SmarterTogether #smartcities #maas #integratedtransport
  • FREE iOS Multimodal trip planning App, for iPhone 6 or higher with iOS 11 or newer
  • Trip-planning & routing
  • Public transit, bikeshare, carshare, ride-hailing and taxis integrated into a single trip
  • Total cost, time & CO2 provider for every trip, and direct comparison to equivalent private vehicle trip
  • Track and report verifiable CO2 emissions per trip/user (fully compliant with international standards)
  • Fully customizable user profile
  • Hundreds of integrated transportation providers
  • Available on the App Store in US and Canada. Currently active in Vancouver, Canada. Most large urban centres across US & Canada by Feb 2019
  • Door-to-door multi-modal anonymized data access
  • English only

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