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Cyber Vulnerability Assessment Services

Identify known vulnerabilities, enhance security across the network and identify patching priorities
Scope of supply: The activities below are conducted and documented:
Based on either NIST, NERC CIP, IEC 62443 -3-3 & -2-2, ISO 27001, other
Identification of Electronic Security Parameter (ESP) / Secure Zones & Conduits
Identification of all ports and services
Identification of security weaknesses in the target systems
Entire network and port scans including internal routers, firewalls and switches
Review of the remote access paths and configuration.
Ranking of each detected vulnerability to Critical, High, Medium, and Low impact category.
Assessments of access management, account configurations
Identification of vulnerabilities or potential threats
Detailed Cyber Vulnerability Assessment (CVA) documentation of results and assessed systems
Development and presentation of the recommended frequency and strategy for future vulnerability assessments and/or penetration testing services

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