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DogSpot: Dog friendly cities are people friendly cities.

Help small businesses thrive and promote healthy, more socially connected communities with our hi tech dog house.
Retailers often don’t allow dogs in their stores, so many dog owners opt to tie their dogs up
outside. Unfortunately, dogs are stolen or get loose and pedestrians get scared or bitten.
Those that leave their dogs at home subject their pets to their busy schedules resulting in a
lack of exercise, stimulation, and bonding. Out of necessity, many dog owners end up altogether
avoiding stores that do not allow their dog. As the numbers show, this does nothing to build community or support local economy.

The DogSpot sits directly in front of places that don't allow dogs inside. We partner with storefronts and property owners to provide a hassle-free solution to being dog-friendly.
Our pay-per-use, internet-connected doghouses are equipped with heat/AC, forced air ventilation, UV self-cleaning, vet-grade materials, and remote visual monitoring. They are connected by a backend
fleet management system and are instantly accessible to users via a puppy-cam in our phone

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    • Women Owned Business
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    19 Morris Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205

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