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Geospiza Swift

Comprehensive data-driven population vulnerability insights on the neighborhood level
Geospiza’s web-based application integrates the best available data feeds in a user-oriented fashion to inform emergency preparedness and operations. It provides interactive mapping that illustrates all-hazards and scenario-specific vulnerability from a life-saving, functions-based perspective to enable real-time decision support. Analytics include where the most vulnerable people are located, how many people are estimated to be affected, what specific characteristics makes this population at heightened risk, and what specific interventions are required in order to increase resilience and decrease vulnerability of these populations.
Geospiza’s functions-based approach provides first responders and emergency managers with clear and actionable information to help. Scenarios covered include All Hazards, Extreme Heat, Flood, and Hurricane, among many others.

Big Data and Geospatial Capabilities
- Visualize and Analyze hundreds of data sets from a single application
- Integrate your jurisdiction's data to improve accuracy and fidelity

Cloud Native
- Cloud based and Cloud hosted
- 24/7 access from any location with Internet by any authorized user

Modern Interface
- Client based on modern web frameworks including React and GraphQL
- Requires use of Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge

Distributed Backend
- Rest and GraphQL API’s
- Data and applications hosted in multiple availability zones provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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