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Innocode citizen platform

Facilitates collaboration between city, organizations, businesses and residents, creating engaging content personalized for the individual.
City Info Module: Core Platform - an information and personalization engine which enables the city to feed and filter information from existing systems and creates personalized feeds and information blocks for citizens.
Community Module:  Incorporating relevant local information from civic groups, nonprofits etc., all based around users preference and customization.
Smart City Module: Visualizing sensors, data, environmental dashboards, and other key insights for citizens.
With all modules, Innocode works closely with the city to ensure they have the right information and feel. Two of the primary benefits are the ease of setup/use and the ability to maximize existing content and data. First, the platform works with existing CMS, RSS Feeds and APIs, allowing the city and local organizations to easily be integrated. Second, the integration of news and content means that a single source is more broadly used and limits the effort on content creation.

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