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The environmentally friendly, high spec mobile food unit - a turn-key solution for mobile food vending in your city

The MOVE Systems MRV100 is a 5 by 10 foot processing cart. It demonstrates premium quality and is built in the USA to guarantee high standards and safety. Comprising 50 square feet of enclosed space, the MRV100 has an innovative design which includes a modular, commercial grade kitchen, energy efficient LED lighting, and a hybrid power system that reduces appliance power usage by roughly half and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent. The MRV100 is in compliance with all New York City Department of Health mobile food processing unit requirements.
Dimensions and Weight:
10' wide x 5' deep x 9' high

Suitable for up to two operators

Kitchen Fit Out:
Fridge and freezer unit
Double basket deep-fryer (Pitco brand, 75k BTU)
Grill (18" deep by 36" wide standard, options for 24" and 48" wide)
4 pan steam table (can hold two full size pans 6" deep)
Exhaust ventilation
Bench space
Hand-washing sink (hot and cold water)
Drinks cooler (space for 320+ soda cans)
Overhead and under-counter storage
Inset LED lights
10 gallon fresh water tank
12 gallon wastewater tank

Two back-lit panels (9x6' and 4x6')

Gel-Led Acid Batteries (250A-h at 24V)
Solar panel
LPG gas (Dual regulator for two 20lb tanks)
LPG generator (2.5kW for powering cart, charging batteries)

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