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Neighborly Software

Cloud based software improving the administrative efficiency & regulatory compliance of Housing, Economic & Community Development programs.
Administration of housing, economic and community development programs is evolving. Forward thinking communities want their staff to spend more time maximizing community investment outcomes and less time on administration, compliance and reporting.  This requires addressing the administrative inefficiencies and financial waste associated with their paper-based files, manual processes and outdated technology solutions.   

Our software provides a turnkey solution for the enrollment, administration and reporting of over twenty different housing, economic and community development activities.

The Neighborly Software solution is built and delivered using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.  The solution is fully hosted using Microsoft’s Azure FEDRAMP certified data center and requires no staffing requirement from the City’s IT department for installation, maintenance, backup, upgrade or technical support. The system is accessed via a web interface and supports access from any internet enabled device including mobile phones and tablets.

The solution was built from the ground up with security in mind.  All data transmission is encrypted with 2048 bit SSL (https) encryption, and all data is encrypted “at rest” when stored in Microsoft’s SQL Azure relational database management system. Each client/tenant is provided with a unique URL for system access and a separate, unique database for all data storage. Monthly vulnerability assessments are conducted to protect against unauthorized access and all site activity is recorded in an audit log which includes IP address logging.

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