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An easy-to-deploy solution for keeping communities informed about real time conditions.
Citiesense is focused on mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 and stabilizing local business communities during this pandemic.

The QR Project equips community leaders with a signage system that informs the public about local resources and updates. This level of public coordination increases capacity for community leaders to facilitate better control of the COVID-19 outbreak as the situation rapidly evolves. 

As changes continue to unfold over the next few months, it will become that much more important to have a manageable system in place for keeping everyone up to date locally, beyond simply email newsletters that only reach a small subset of the people looking for info and updates right now.
We’ve improved access to features in Citiesenes to help communities deploy Quick Response Signs (like the ones Long Island City uses for liclocal.nyc).  These signs will connect anyone that scans them to local info about changes happening around their downtown. 

Check out this new guide called The QR Project to help you use your Citiesense account to create Quick Response Signs. Here's a link to the Deck & Video to walkthrough how Quick Response Signs can be setup to provide better local information about changes in your neighborhood, town, or city.

  • Immediate & up-to-date monitoring of local conditions within your community
  • Elevated access to local information (about businesses, events, etc)

  1. Import dataset of assets in your community into your account at citiesense.com
  2. Define your neighborhood area to share maps
  3. Create & pin locations for your Quick Response Signs
  4. Invite contribution from community members

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