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CityBase Serve

Use CityBase Serve to help residents learn, apply for, and receive public services
Use CityBase Serve to help residents learn, apply for, and receive public services.

CityBase Serve is a robust, flexible solution that helps cities deliver consistent and easy-to-use services to its residents. For residents and businesses, requesting any service feels familiar no matter which agency oversees it. People find information more quickly, with simple language and an intuitive content architecture that’s based on their needs.

You can create online forms quickly and easily, with features that help agencies collect more accurate data. Send personalized messages or automatic status updates to residents to improve service and transparency, and reduce inbound questions for simple updates.  Workflow solutions automate common back-office tasks, including across multiple agencies. And Case Management functionality allows teams to track all activities related to a case at a glance.
Form Builder
  • Eliminate paper processes with intuitive digital forms published to your website.
  • Integrate databases to eliminate manual data entry.
  • Use conditional logic so people only see relevant questions.
  • Add payments to the same simple interface.

Workflow Automation
  • Sort and assign applications as they come in.
  • Send automatic updates to customers and your team.
  • Build shortcuts that route applications automatically.
  • Add labels to understand requests at a glance.

Case Management
  • Streamline complex, multi-stage processes like business permitting.
  • Collaborate across multiple agencies and manage approvals.
  • Send follow-up forms to proactively move people to the next step.
  • Track all interactions centrally in a person’s case.

  • Provide an intuitive interface for people to complete all tasks online.
  • Ensure consistency across all agency webpages.
  • Configure functionality that’s the same experience on web or mobile.
  • Use plain language so information is clear and easy to find.

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