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Security Orchestration, Automation & Remediation-as-a-Service (for cybersecurity)

SOAR weaves disparate security components together into a holistic solution that automates tasks and executes at the speed of machines.
With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are forced to execute mission-critical assignments with reduced staff to accommodate social distancing measures. Remote work is also on the rise with an increasing number of teleworkers completing work virtually. Both factors lead to a higher level of risk for organizations for the foreseeable future.

Despite having a high number of disparate cybersecurity products and solutions, organizations can leverage the SOAR service to weave a variety of systems together into an integrative cybersecurity fabric. This leads to higher ROI with minimal integration work required by the organization. 

The 1898 & Co. SOAR-as-a-Service solution has the ability to automate use cases such as:

- Access and asset management
- Automating IOC look-ups
- Collecting and centralizing relevant forensic data
- Consolidated SecOps
- Email phishing and assessing threats
- Investigating and remediating end-point and SIEM alerts
- Responding to insider threats
- Threat hunting
Cybersecurity revolves around the people, processes and technology that interact with cybersecurity measures. Given the global talent shortage, the people part of that equation is difficult to change. However, an integrative platform like SOAR can assist with both the technology and process aspects needed for a successful cybersecurity program. SOAR has the capability to address myriad challenges:
  • Automated threat detection and workflows
  • Auditable incident and event manager
  • Improved metrics for cybersecurity operations
  • Leverage investment into cybersecurity measures with integration of key systems and technology
  • Provides a cybersecurity command center platform
  • Reduction of required OPEX investment

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