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Uptake Fleet

Uptake's proactive fleet analysis, predictive maintenance and smart scheduling help cities offer citizens safer, more reliable services.
Uptake is creating a world that always works: machines don't break, maintenance is predictable, costs are optimized and accidents don't happen. We turn mountains of untapped data into actionable recommendations, empowering cities to run better, smarter and faster in the connected world.

Our products use artificial intelligence (AI) and data science to help cities improve their bottom line and the lives of their residents. By turning data into actionable insights, you can increase fuel efficiency, improve service safety, reduce accidents and disruptions, and prevent unplanned costs and downtime.
Increased productivity.
We translate data into ready-to-take-action insights. Improve your productivity and lower your operational costs with data-backed decisions.

Greater reliability.
Predictive analytics prevents costly fleet downtime. Eliminate reactionary monitoring. Prioritize repairs long before breakdown ever becomes an issue.

Improved safety.
Understand the complete health of every vehicle at all times. Gain better peace of mind with improved on-the-road safety and driver performance.

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    600 West Chicago ave. Chicago, Illinois 60654

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