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Helping cities to discover, test, and share innovative solutions
We believe that running pilots and other experimental projects shouldn’t be complex and resource-intensive. That’s why we’ve developed a platform that offers a streamlined process to discover, test and evaluate solutions in a low-friction and data-driven way. Whether you’re testing out a new solution internally or with a vendor, our platform helps you minimize the risk of adopting untested solutions and deliver better results to your community.

Our Products:
UrbanLeap offers a customizable SaaS platform and workflow solution organized around the following core features:

  • City-wide innovation efforts can be easily organized, tracked and displayed in one place.
  • Synchronized and transparent management of vendor proposals.
  • Informed and engaged city staff, team members and vendors able to collaborate in real-time.
  • Faster planning and results with built-in, automated workflows that city staff and startups love.
  • Better-informed decision making based on hard data and on-demand pilot reports.
How Our Platform Works:
Discover: Collect and organize innovative solutions from different sources. Prioritize the ones most relevant to your city’s challenges and goals.
Pilot: Quickly run pilots with our automated workflows. Generate meaningful data with our built-in best practices.
Decide: Use actionable data to inform decisions. Avoid risk and scale projects that benefit
your community.

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