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Website Design

Stunning, mobile-friendly websites that make it easy for staff to communicate with their community.
Only having a website is not enough for local governments. They need to be optimized for efficient civic engagement. Municode recognizes this need and builds our websites around this. All websites are based on an easy to use CMS, ensuring anyone on staff to create and edit content. With our industry-leading search capabilities, your community will be able to find what they need quickly. Our enhanced search capabilities allow for keyword searches, indexed file attachments, date filters, and department filters offered at no extra cost. Pages that can be found on Municode websites increase resident self-service with services such as event calendars, emergency alerts, parks and trail directories, facility reservations, online job postings, online bid/RFP postings, and more. Specialty sub-sites, which utilize the same CMS and act as a complimentary site, can also be added to your website design. Whatever it is your website needs, Municode can deliver intuitive and stunning sites
  • Robust search capabilities
  • User-friendly CMS
  • Word-like WYSIWYG editor
  • Create content once and post it in multiple places
  • Drupal open source for search optimization
  • Integration & Customization
  • Simple to use engagement tools for residents

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