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White label API + data platform, enabling cities to collect and make useful disparate data sources. We are City as a Service.
We believe that these three articles (one, two, three) describe how we think about the world well. We would encourage you read them to fully understand how versatile and malleable our platform is. We are flexible about your data source, our main value add to the city is the ability to help technologist/developers easily integrate with an API, moving cities from reactive to proactive. Our city view allow the philosophers of a city, the public servants, to communicate and mechanize their thoughts, thus creating a modern, efficient, and integrated municipality. We truly believe the "smart" city gains it's intelligence from insight, insight derived from data by humans. Over time, your living data will gain value. Our market place allows the city to price and capture that inherent value. With stae you provide the real City as a Service. ✨
We are a white label API + data platform, we enabling cities to collect and make useful disparate data sources in a synchronous manner. We allow cities to collect data from, and pass to, uses such as IoT, SaaS, Share Economy, Internal, or any future data source. Our magic is mechanize city services for the world. Enabling the programmatic consumption and exchange of regulation, payment, data, procurement. With stae, city data has value and is living. We are City as a Service. 🚀

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