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Clearbox Platform

The data-driven engine to accelerate procurement for modern government

Marketplace enables key stakeholders to spend less time sifting through vendors and more time making purchasing decisions.

Clearbox Source
A data subscription option to maximize your market research, scale your vendor engagement and increase competition.
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Clearbox Procure
Guides key stakeholders through a sourcing and procurement managed service that ensures the right match between vendor and customer.
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Why Clearbox?

It is the opposite of a “blackbox”. The Clearbox platform leverages a vast data repository of historical transaction data as well as original insights including:
  • Market Landscapes
  • Scopes of Work
  • Original Solicitations
  • Vendor Responses
  • Contracts
  • Business Models
  • Pricing
  • References
The Clearbox Platform is the data engine powering our Source and Procure offerings, creating an ever-expanding repository of market research and critical reference data that is continuously changing based on new transactions, vendor M&A activity, pricing changes and more.

Clearbox Source

Stop wasting time on research, search engines & RFI’s. We have comprehensive information on tens of thousands of companies from hundreds of different technology areas.
This subscription provides the right data from thousands of vendors at your fingertips to maximize your vendor engagement and increase competition.
Clearbox Source includes:
  • Market Landscapes of vendors based on functional areas
  • Solution details
  • Pricing and transaction data
  • Case studies and reference data
  • Sample vendor questions and requirements
  • Customer support to customize your needs

Use our data for every step of your process

  • Planning
    Where are others making investments in innovation compared to your objective
  • Budgeting
    Learn what peer cities are using, and solutions paid for, in the early stage of planning
  • Solicitation Development
    Understand the target market before writing and release a solicitation
  • Sourcing
    Identify potential vendors to broaden the pool of choices
  • Marketing
    Recruit companies responses to solicitation, or engage government
  • Pricing
    Validate and negotiate with data
  • Contracting Structure
    Evaluate Terms & Conditions, term length or services models

Over 200 Market Landscapes are available and fully customizable to meet your requirements. See some highlighted below:

Generative AI
Electronic Voting
Real Time Awareness Centers
Digital Twin
Smart Contracts
Body Worn Cameras
Urban Forestry
Indoor Mapping
Augmented Reality
Fleet Management
And many more...

Examples of who we work with include Dallas County, South Bend, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Pittsburgh and more.

Get real-time data access to support your needs!

Clearbox Procure

Leverage a vast data repository of historical transaction data to guide key stakeholders through a sourcing and validation managed service that ensures the right match between vendor and customer.
Streamline technology buying decisions and see what Clearbox Procure offers:
  • No upfront cost to government
    Marketplace fee model (like a Cooperative) paid by vendors following a completed transaction
  • Compliant procurement process
    Leverages modern e-procurement tools, data driven market landscapes, and final briefing packet for board/council approval
  • Dedicated Customer Success staff
    Provides customized support for every transaction
  • Completely opt-in
    Use Procure on every transaction or just one-time
  • Step 1: Source
    Define scope and match with solutions from over 10,000 profiled vendors and nearly 80 unique market landscapes
  • Step 2: Reach
    Compliant vendor outreach, solicitation and bid process to relevant vendors for market pricing, quoting, and proposals
  • Step 3: Validate
    Side by side comparative analysis of responses to identify best fit and key differences
  • Step 4: Procure
    Vendor recommendation, final decision and negotiation support and presentation to key stakeholders

Examples of who we work with include Aurora, Lake Cities and more.

Revolutionize technology in your region today!

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