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Due 01.15

LocationKnoxville, TN

Intelligent Transportation System Platform

To develop specifications for the future solicitation of an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), the City of Knoxville is requesting information from potential ATMS providers to assess the current state of practice. The City requests existing ATMS providers submit information to detail and demonstrate their software functions/capabilities and discuss how to fulfill the needs of the City to enhance the management and control of the traffic signal system.

Due 01.20

LocationMobile County, AL

Professional Services Event Connection / Calendar

The Mobile County Commission is seeking proposals from qualified professional writers and/or creative agencies to develop written and graphic content to be hosted on the Mobile County website, www.mobilecountyal.gov. The purpose of this contract is create a vehicle by which that all residents of Mobile County shall have access to information about community events and have the opportunity to promote such events they may be sponsoring. The successful applicant will be responsible for researching multi-cultural and community events in Mobile County and surrounding areas, developing content to promote those events, and providing final copy to be uploaded on Mobile County's website.

Due 01.20

LocationAugusta, GA

Online Training & Records Management System

Augusta is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide the services for online training and records manage system for the Fire Dept.

Due 01.21

LocationNorwalk, CT

Police Department Extra Duty Management System

The City of Norwalk is requesting proposals from qualified vendors for the automation, software implementation and management of the Police Extra Duty Services. The requirements of this project are outlined in greater detail under Section 2 Scope of Work/Project Specifications

Due 01.21

LocationRaleigh, NC

Electric Bus Charging Management Software

The complete RFP package is available by contacting Tasha Hicks, at tash.hicks@ibigroup.com

Due 01.26

LocationSanta Monica,CA

Transit Ridership Software

The City’s Big Blue Bus (BBB) seeks a software system that accurately imports and processes bus ridership data from automatic passenger counters (APCs) on BBB buses. BBB uses APCs on all 188 buses in its fleet. BBB’s fleet is expected to be between 188- 195 vehicles during the duration of this contract. The system must generate accurate, meaningful, and user-friendly reports for two primary purposes: 1) National Transit Database (NTD) reporting and 2) service and operations planning.

Due 01.27

LocationBroward County, FL

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Software as a Solution (SaaS)

This Request for Information (RFI) is for a respondent to demonstrate the ability to provide an end to end software or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that will integrate the core functions of Coordinated Entry, client-level demographic information, system level data, characteristics and needs of persons who utilize shelters, unduplicated client count, housing, supporting services, including but not limited to needs and gaps, outcome information, data quality and analysis, dashboard visual display, statistical reporting, requirements specific to HUD for the purposes of identifying and understanding trends, patterns of service use, and measurement of the effectiveness of homeless assistance projects and programs.

Due 01.27

LocationMiami, FL

Commercial Off-The-Shelf Inmate Tracking System

Miami-Dade County (County) is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) to solicit information regarding availability of Commercial Off-The Shelf (COTS) software for a comprehensive Inmate Tracking System (ITS) for Miami Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation (MDCR) Department.

Due 01.29

LocationContra Costa Water District, CA

Consultant for Billing Information System

The Contra Costa Water District (District) is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) to procure and implement a new Customer Billing Information System (CBIS) with a software system capable of performing customer billing, work order management and water conservation management functions to support overall District utility billing operations.

Due 01.29

LocationState of Maryland

Learning Management System

The Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission is requesting proposals for a learning management system as indicated in the attached RFP

Due 02.08

LocationSanta Clara County, CA

Agenda and Meeting Management Solution

The County of Santa Clara (County) seeks proposals from qualified proposers for a comprehensive Agenda and Meeting Management (AMM) solution for the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors (COB)

Due 02.09

LocationOrange County, CA

Automated Queuing System

The County of Orange is soliciting request for proposals from qualified firms to provide an automated queuing system.

Due 02.10

LocationTulsa, OK


The Matrice 300 RTK industrial drone from DJI , a maximum flight time of ~50 minutes, a range of ~9 miles, hot-swappable flight and RC batteries, AES-256 encrypted signal Includes two TB60 Intelligent Flight Batteries and a BS60 Intelligent Battery Station.

Due 02.10

LocationMiami, FL

Capital Projects and Construction Management Solution

Miami-Dade County, hereinafter referred to as the County, as represented by the Information Technology Department (ITD), is soliciting proposals for the County for the purchase of a cloud-based Multi-Departmental and Multi-User Capital Project and Construction Management Solution, herein known as the “Solution”, to manage its extensive capital and construction management program.

Due 03.31

LocationThe Walk on Union- Memphis Digital City

Smart City Solutions for The Walk on Union

Share your company and solution with the teams designing and planning The Walk at Union. Simply register your free profile on Marketplace.city to be included.

Due 12.31

LocationState of New York

Renewals Heat Installation

NYSERDA requests applications from eligible contractors to participate in a financial incentive program to install approved high-efficiency, low-emission biomass heating systems for eligible residential and commercial customers.

Due 12.31


Propose a Project or Partnership Opportunity

Private sector organizations wishing to propose smart mobility projects not listed as calls for partnerships should submit a Public-Private Partnership Opportunity Expression of Interest Form.

Due None


Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) Demand Form

Marketplace.city is helping governments meet their demand for Personal Protective Equipment by matching them with Validated Supply, helping them purchasing lower minimum quantities, and providing opportunities for joint purchasing. Fill out the PPE Demand Form to get connected.

Due Rolling

LocationCorona, CA

Innovation Pilot Proposal

The city of Corona, CA is seeking pilot proposals for solutions that impact the quality of life of the residents and/or government efficiency. Corona wants to learn about your solution. If you have a great idea, you can submit directly to them

Due Rolling

LocationSan Mateo County

San Mateo Pilot Proposal

SMC Labs welcomes collaboration and partnership opportunities with cities, technology and solutions providers, start-ups, small businesses, educators, non-profits and of course, our residents. Proposals are assessed based on county goals, potential impact, and existing needs.

Due Rolling

LocationGrand Rapids

Unsolicited Transportation Proposals

The Mobile GR and Parking Services Department accepts unsolicited transportation and mobility proposals for Grand Rapids. Some of our departmental interests include: addressing gaps in our transportation system, improving parking utilization, providing better transportation information to residents and visitors, incentivizing carpooling and car share options, improving travel for people with disabilities and obtaining better information on local trip-making. If you have a great idea you’d like to pilot in Grand Rapids, let us know.

Due Rolling

LocationLas Vegas

Smart City Pilot Proposal

Las Vegas is seeking pilot proposals around their strategic priorities. 1) Iconic Las Vegas 2) Smart Vegas 3) Neighborhoods 4) At Risk Populations 5) Public Safety 6) Workforce Development