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Frequently Asked Questions



  • What is Marketplace.city?

    Marketplace.city helps governments source, validate and procure technology. We work within the procurement process to inject critical data to aid and de-risk your decision.

  • Why should I use it?

    Marketplace.city saves you time, money and resources which means you can focus on your other responsibilities or long term projects. We do the heavy lifting. Our process is custom to you and your specific projects, and is free for cities to use. Our data and reports are easy to use putting you in control.

  • How much will it cost my government?

    It is free! How? Marketplace.city does not charge governments but instead receives an administrative fee based on a percentage of the transaction. The fee is paid by the vendor only if you make a purchase. This is similar to a purchasing cooperative but with greater variety and more buyer support. That fee is a standard 7% no matter which vendor you choose.

  • What technology can I find on Marketplace.city?

    We help governments procure both innovative solutions and everyday products and services. Whether you need hardware, software, services or some combination, we will help you identify the best option.

  • Does this comply with my procurement rules? Our process has to be competitive.

    Yes! Our process is structured for transparency and we work with your teams to comply with procurement rules. Our process promotes competition to make sure you are getting the best solution and price. Governments using Marketplace.city report they get a higher number of relevant vendors and qualified proposals for their purchases through Marketplace.city.

  • Do I have to use Marketplace.city for all my technology purchases?

    You get to choose which projects are purchased through Marketplace.city. Governments are always in control of what they buy through the platform, just like an eCommerce site.

  • Why is it called the Clearbox process?

    It is the opposite of a Blackbox. Governments often view technology as a Blackbox. Vendors think procurement is one. We focus on end to end transparency to make sure both parties get value.

  • Can I only buy from vendors already on Marketplace.city? How do my local vendors engage?

    No, that is one of the values of Marketplace.city. With each new Clearbox process, we work to ensure all relevant vendors from our databases, 3rd party vendor lists, your vendors and new entrants to the space are included. It is the simplicity of a coop with greater choice. Since only those contacted through the process pay a fee, we work with our government partners to add local vendors making them readily available for you and other governments in our network. We can also help our government partners to achieve Disadvantaged Business objectives by identifying vendors that are small business or minority, woman, or veteran owned.

  • I am a vendor, how do I engage?

    Create a free vendor profile and share your products, services and case studies with our government users. By having your company on Marketplace.city your most recent information is shared in every search and report for our government users.