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Atooma Inc.

Atooma Develops Resonance AI: It Analyzes The Past, In Order To Contextualize The Present, And Enable Things To Automate The Future.

Atooma developed Resonance AI to make corporates devices and apps smarter. Resonance AI is a disruptive IoT platform deployed in SDK that makes companies able to re-design their products with a predictive context-awareness. The artificial intelligence analyzes and learns user habits in order to make things able to deliver on time and proactive automations based on their lives.
Resonance AI can detect several contexts (e.g: home, workplace, commuting mode, workout, etc.), and gives companies the chance to associate also ready-to-link smart actions. So for example, imagine the user is used to workout every Wednesday evening using the wearable device. Resonance is able to understand it and to give suggestions like: IF the user runs every Wednesday AND bad weather is forecasted for that day, THEN notify him/her in advance to modify the workout schedule.

We believe that a good UX is a continuous process that starts even from the early beginning of the project, we provide companies an intuitive web-dashboard to personalize Resonance SDK on their needs, in a very seamless way. Moreover, the console provides aggregated analytics that are useful to fine-tune the project afterward.

From connected cars, throughout the insurance industry, to the smart home, Resonance AI SDK makes the IoT smarter and gives an edge to company’s digital strategy. Their apps and products will gain a smarter and more tailored context-awareness by saving 60% of the time needed to land on market, while devices will interact with user lives simplifying it

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