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Electricity from nature.

Bioo is a biotech startup from Barcelona, Spain, focused on innovation in renewable energies, smart cities, and agriculture.

We have developed an integrally unique way of generating electricity from nature, without damaging any living being in the process. Among our developments is energy generation from plants' photosynthesis.

This technology will allow us to replace chemical batteries and solar panels used in sensor powering in agriculture with cheaper (4+ times), more autonomous (3 years with no maintenance guaranteed), more reliable (constant electrical generation during day and night, irrespective of weather conditions), and more sustainable biological reactors, tackling a 1.8B€+ market.

Quick facts:
- Prototype ready, testing with partners; commercial launch in 2021
- 3 patents: 1 active worldwide, 2 filed
- 2.5M€ in R&D H2020 EU grants
- 50+ international awards (EU Parliament, Google, Forbes)
- 1M€ in private funding in 3 rounds
  • Location

    Calle de la Technologia, 17 Viladecans, Barcelona 08840

  • Phone

    +34 937 30 85 50

  • Number of Employees


  • http://bioo.tech

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