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With over 50M daily users in 28 countries, BreezoMeter is the world's leading real-time air quality analytics provider.

Our mission is to help cities and businesses improve the health and quality of life of millions of people worldwide, by providing the most accurate air quality data in a format as simple, intuitive, and actionable as weather data. BreezoMeter’s big data analytics determine the dispersion and flow of air pollution from a combination of layered data sets derived from: governmental sensors, satellites, weather patterns, transportation dynamics, and other environmental sources. Tied together with proprietary algorithms, this combination provides users with accurate air quality data that is up to the city block. The company offers its data as a service via API to enterprises in Smart Home/Mobility/Health/Real Estate/Mobile/Weather/Insurance, and offers a set of solutions for Smart Cities such as: Air Quality Command and Control Platform, and Sensor Optimizations. BreezoMeter is proud to work with: AccuWeather, Current, powered by GE, Cisco, Motorola Solutions, Veolia, LifeMap Solutions, and Dyson.

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