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Callida Energy Inc.

Callida Energy offers learning software for commercial buildings to reduce energy use, costs and carbon emissions while improving comfort.

Callida is unique in combining occupant-based control, we turn down cooling or heating when no is in the office, like the Nest Thermostat, with energy consumption & demand analysis and predictive modeling of the facility to create optimal HVAC operating plans and deliver HVAC costs savings of up to 30+%.  With our combined strategy we can optimize savings in a broader range of building types and we have the opportunity to generate more savings per building.Callida has been installed in commercial real estate and municipal sites, achieving HVAC energy savings of 30+%.

The Callida Energy Occupant App solution combines a smart phone app that facility occupants use to rate workplace comfort and a back-end system for facility managers. The back-end system visualizes comfort problems on a dashboard, analyzes comfort and occupancy patterns and recommends improved HVAC control strategies in terms of zone schedules and thermal set points. With just one click, occupants provide comfort ratings on their workspace or adjacent rooms. Using this solution we achieved HVAC energy savings of 31% in a City of New York building as part of the DCAS Innovative Demonstrations for Energy Adaptability (IDEA) program.
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    33 Irving Place New York, NY 10003

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    Please contact Raphael Carty at raphael@callidaenergy.com

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  • http://callidaenergy.com

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