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Circuit is an award-winning microtransit service operating a fleet of electric vehicles to provide fare-free on-demand rides.

Circuit is changing how people move short distances by making transportation easier, greener and more enjoyable. We’re building on-demand, last-mile shuttle services for cities and developments around the US. Using our on-demand app, fleets of electric cars, and teams of W2 drivers, we’ve provided over 4M rides without burning an ounce of gas. Our resilient solution has seen increased traction with cities looking for innovations to sustainably fuel their pandemic recovery.

Our turnkey, on-demand microtransit services allow for point-to-point travel within a coverage zone and at smart fixed stops in all-electric cars. Circuit is a national operator with markets in 20+ locations across 8 states and 10+ years of experience. Circuit’s focus on short trips encourages riders to avoid single occupancy vehicle trips that add congestion and pollution. Circuit is making transit sustainable, convenient, affordable, and fun.

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