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Circuit is a fleet of all-electric, wrapped cars offering free (city or ad sponsored) on-demand rides throughout NY, NJ, FL, CA, TX & more.

Circuit helps bridge first/last mile gaps to/from transit hubs, and downtown hotspots. By using fleets of electric cars, leveraging the data from its ride-request app, and working with cities and advertisers, TFR provides an eco-friendly, data-centric and efficient solution that aggregates riders, reduces VMT’s, encourages alternate options (like buses and trains), creates W2 local jobs, and bridges the last mile gap at no charge to a budget conscious consumer. Today, Circuit is servicing over 20 cities and has given over 2 million rides!

Unlike Circuit, companies like Lyft, Uber and Via,  make money based on rides, so it’s in their best interests to maximize the number of cars on the road. However, Circuit pays its drivers hourly, which incentivizes the company to use its data to make sure only the optimal number of vehicles are operating. Circuit also aggregates riders, and uses sponsors to reduce net costs to municipalities, which means lower costs, less traffic, and less congestion.

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