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Measure what matters with Ginkgo- your partner for building resilient communities.

We started Ginkgo to help local community-based organizations in urban neighborhoods adopt technology. We believe that by partnering with non-profit community leaders we can help power the type of ground-up change that great cities embrace.

Our mission for Ginkgo is to realize urban centers that are rooted in the collective values of the people that live, work and play in these places.

This mission breaks down into two important directives:

First, we aim to improve access to technology in the non-profit sector in order to support greater resilience.

Second, we help introduce community-centric data governance so that data is owned and controlled by the non-profit organization(s) that represent local community stakeholders.

We believe by improving access to technology for non-profit civic organizations and helping them work with data about their community we can support more equitable urban growth that's rooted in neighborhood-level values and local opportunities.

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