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Civiciti provides SaaS platforms for Citizen Engagement, Participatory Budgeting, Transparency and even referendums!

Civiciti is the SaaS platform that allows citizens, governments and interest groups to discover, debate and decide on the issues that affect them. 

Civiciti offers an environment of continuous, independent and secure democracy that favors communication between governments and citizens and helps to take the best decisions based on real data.

Civiciti democratizes the access to best in class solutions by enabling every organisation with a complete set of participatory tools that would otherwise require a very large team of IT experts to build and maintain. Civiciti is built on top of the 17 years of experience on Electoral processes.

Civiciti also provides a safe harbour where government and citizens can discuss with the guarantee that citizens are real people and not bots or trolls, and that the government is listening and responding to the dialog with the citizens.
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