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IT decision-making platform helping leaders match their digital infrastructure & security projects with the best-suited vendors.

CloudInsyte’s platform reduces the time and human resource burden of conducting vendor due diligence in cloud, cyber security, telecom, and data center services and reduces the probability of technical debt due to wrong choices or indecision.
In the platform, IT teams conduct quick interactive assessments that drill down into the unique needs and preferences. We then match their assessment with analyst research on more than 500 vendors to find the best matched vendors to work with on their projects. Add our fiber locator and data center tool, and you can bypass the sales process completely.
Municipalities receive access to our engineering and analyst resources, vCISO resources, and assistance in contract facilitation. We also keep track of agreements for you and remind you when your contracts need to be re-negotiated or re-examined. This is especially useful in digital transformation and smart city projects.
Flat-rate pricing based on size of organization, no term, and no risk.
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    77 Goodell St Buffalo, NY 14203

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    (646) 439-2144

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  • https://cloudinsyte.com

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