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DuKorp looks at the intersection of quantified self (wearables, biosensors) and smart cities (responsive transit, environments).

DuKorp is a wearable computing + analytics firm that focuses on insights gained from new forms of ambient intelligence. DuKorp spun out of the MIT Media Lab in 2014 and is the sibling company of the DuKode Studio (http://dukode.com), a design and visualization company in New York City. Both DuKorp and DuKode were founded by Arlene Ducao and Ilias Koen, who first collaborated in 2004 at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. DuKorp's flagship products include MindRider (http://mindriderhelmet.com) and Multimer (http://multimerdata.com), and its clients include Harley-Davidson, Sustrans UK, and IBM. DuKode's clients include the United Nations Development Programme, the American Museum of Natural History, NOAA, NASA, and many more.
    • Women Owned Business
    • Minority Owned Business
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    41 Union Square W New York, NY 10003

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    (646) 627-8952

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  • http://multimerdata.com

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