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Emergency App

Emergency App is revolutionizing how humanity responds to and survives disaster.

Emergency tech is a disaster. In 2021, natural disasters caused $152B in damage and 724 deaths in the US. Those deaths are mostly preventable if we innovate how we provide this generic, scattered, inaccurate, and non-actionable information.

Our Emergency OS (EOS) aggregates disaster data, personalizes actionable information for citizens, and provides situational awareness and engagement tools to first responders to build more resilient communities:
  • Citizen Emergency App | Usable without cell reception, with data cached from hundreds of sources, and bluetooth mesh links between neighbors & first responders.
  • Data Processing Engine | Aggregation and AI personalization of data to make it relevant and actionable to the individual and their situation.
  • Emergency Dashboard | Situational Awareness SaaS portal for Emergency Managers & Insurance Providers to engage with their constituents.

Our Products