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We offer cities the ability to create custom, embeddable decision trees on their websites to help clarify processes and answer questions.

Getting the right information to the right citizen at the right time can be a challenge. GovTrails creates tools that help you connect with citizens to the right information, saving everyone time and eliminating frustration.  Our solution is easy-to-create decision trees.  Our decision trees do the hard work of navigating people to the right solution, form, or answer. You simply need to craft simple questions that any citizen can answer. Now a complex process takes just a few clicks to navigate.  

Most complicated processes are buried on pages of dense text. 95% of that text is likely irrelevant to most users who are either looking for a single answer based on where they are at that given moment in the process. A page full of dense text, a complicated flowchart, or a PDF download all can be difficult to parse. Breaking up a process into discrete stages will help people make sense of complicated or new regulations.

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