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Greenlines Technology, Inc

Cowlines, a FREE multimodal transportation app that combines public transit, bike share, car share, ride-hailing & taxis in a single trip.

Greenlines Technology is a leading technology provider helping the world transition to a more sustainable transportation system.

In cities, we provide a multi-modal transportation platform that combines public transit, bike sharing, car sharing, ride-hailing and taxis, into a single trip.

  • For the environment, we aim to reduce a min of 15% of GHG emissions per user per year with one of the lowest abatement costs in the industry
  • For people, we provide a free seamless trip-planning app to avoid driving private vehicles in cities
  • For governments, we provide powerful data analytics to enable better transportation investment decisions at a fraction of the cost of current providers
  • For transit agencies, we provide FREE door-to-door multimodal anonymized data and a shared-revenue model
  • For private transport providers, we provide a larger user base and a pain-free sign-up process

Cowlines will be available in April to the public in Vancouver, CA, and in most large US & Canadian cities by July.

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