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We enable people to measure and manage natural and built environments by building sensors, deploying networks and teaching people how

HereLab is a socially responsible, design/build consultancy. Our connected sensor work, products and initiatives help people better understand, measure and manage their world. Sales of our ENV Kits help support our public good initiatives. Contact us.

Build Sensors
We design and build purposeful sensors for water, air, soil and built environments. Each uses our modular ENV Boards to add sensors without wiring.

Deploy Networks
Networks require use, landscape, infrastructure and data transfer design. We’re creating them for farms, forests, ponds, towns and aquafarms.

Teach People How
Sharing knowhow is an essential part of our work. Our applied method gives attendees an innovation toolkit and turns learners into “embedded engineers.”

Collaborative Design
Our work is collaborative — particularly with design. Whether a school course, a municipal project or an organizational initiative, designing together matters.

Public Data
Not all data can be public. But when it is it provides a new publishing method people can use to reach others and to connect and manage air, water, soil and built environments.

Community Benefit
For HereLab,community is not a buzzword — it’s a process of connecting the dots between people’s lives and the work they do. Real time insight and actionable data help that process.

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    PO Box 1411 West Tisbury, MA 02575

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    (508) 257-1587

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  • https://herelab.io

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