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Civy is a software-as-a-service to help governments & cities improve stakeholder engagement and public outreach across civic projects.

  1. Increase diversity of residents and participation rate providing input into the operation of the City. Extend beyond outdated engagement models.
  2. Visually map community feedback, input, and requests coming from the City.
  3. Support the civic education of all City residents to effectively participate in their government.
  4. Ask the public for feedback; Use feedback for future planning.
  5. Enabling the city to create and control its own narrative, reducing reliance on other social media platforms for projects.
  6. Ability to summarize feedback and deliver insights to stakeholders via dashboards & reports.
  7. Flexibility to utilize across a variety of topics and feedback areas, and to use in tandem with other engagement methods.
  8. Only cities need to create an account with Civy. Residents provide responses to questions asked by the city without creating an account; responses only visible to city administrators.
  9. Multiple language capability.
  10. Comply with the Data Privacy guidelines.
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