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Civy is a software-as-a-service designed to help governments & cities improve community engagement across infrastructure projects.

Platform is FREE to REGISTER and USE. NO PAYMENT details required.
  •  Add to Civy & share your proposed projects for feedback from your residents. Share with one click across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.
  •   Ask targeted questions (a survey) for each project with the option for the public to vote; also allows open comments.
  • Increase participation rates by reaching a larger audience.
  • Enable live-feedback and generate new ideas from your residents.
  • Civy is independent of all vested interests.

 Civy's monthly, quarterly and annual subscription OPTIMIZES BACK-OFFICE. 

  • Download analytics report on-demand for monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.
  • Increase your back-office productivity by reducing time-spent on collating and analyzing data from other platforms.
  • Reduce costs by 25-35% (based on intel gathered through our consultations with cities and government agencies in US).  
  • Convenient and single repository for all public responses relating to your infrastructure projects. 
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