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CIVY is a software as a service helping governments and cities improve stakeholder engagement and public outreach across civic projects

1. Enables cities and governments to become data creators and control their own narrative. Current platforms are primarily data aggregators and reactive to public comments.
2. Cities or governments create an account with Civy, with full access. Residents create an account with the ability to respond directly to surveys and questions posed by the cities and governments. All resident responses are confidential, only visible to Civy account holder (the city or government).
3. Upload project to Civy, which in turn auto-uploads the project to your linked social media accounts – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook; reaching broader audience with less effort.
4. Download and host data on your own servers. Civy will delete data 3-months after a project is completed by the city or government.

Civy is currently working with many cities now and has Mayoral endorsements and legislative assemblymen support.
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