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Helping healthcare Care as One

Innovaccer is a leading healthcare technology company. We’re pioneering the Data Activation Platform that’s helping our industry realize the promise of patient centric care.
Innovaccer’s proprietary integration & analysis engine activates the data our industry has worked so hard to collect. It cleans, aggregates, and delivers insights when physicians need it most—at the moment of care.
This revolutionary technology streams rich analytics with custom insights and dashboards, automates workflows, provides real-time decisions for care teams, and point-of-care alerts—actionable intelligence without leaving the EHR experience.
Right now, our applications are running on ipads, tablets, laptops, and desktops of doctors, RNs, and administrators at more than 500 locations. Over 10,000 providers now navigate the healthcare system in ways once never thought possible: Effortlessly. Efficiently. Intelligently. Sure, technology like this has been a long time coming. Yet it’s ahead of its time.

Our Products