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We Make Tools for Modern Microbiology that allow faster, easier and better detection.

InnovaPrep® is a developer of preanalytical tools for modern microbiology. InnovaPrep products provide the critical macro-to-micro interface between real-world samples and the input volumes of modern molecular methods for analysis. These tools increase sensitivity and enable a faster, easier, and more efficient means of delivering the most highly concentrated sample possible for subsequent analysis.

InnovaPrep’s 35 pending and awarded patents apply to highly efficient collection and concentration of biological particles from air, surfaces, and liquids.   InnovaPrep’s Wet Foam Elution™ process enables instant recovery of particles from filters, membranes, surfaces, and objects. The primary utility for these technologies is to greatly improve the way biological samples, especially dilute samples, are collected and prepared for analysis, allowing the most advanced biological detection systems to contribute their full potential. 
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