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Combining AI & human wisdom, we solve the pain of civic engagement by transforming tons of input into actionable insights.

Collaboration is a shared ideal. But in reality, it takes a lot of time and effort. Who wants to spend hours reading comments or listening in town hall meetings?! No wonder so many cities just avoid it altogether.

Recently awarded the Innovation Award at the Silicon Valley Smart Cities Week, Insights.US solves the pain of civic engagement. We harness AI & human wisdom to transform tons of inputs into actionable insights, helping cities face their most complex challenges by learning from their residents. 

For the first time, our tool also enables mayors to update every resident about the impact they've made by sharing their advice, making everyone part of the change. 

Boasting an 82% impact on decisions, Insights.US proves that when civic engagement is done right, it doesn’t have to be costly, resource-heavy and intimidating. To date, Insights.US has helped 4 governments and 20+ cities gain insights on 1,000 questions. 
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