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Real-time AI Data-driven Smart City Solutions

Centralized, comprehensive, and easy-to-use Smart City Solutions that aggregate, automate, manage, optimize and analyze real-time, historical and new datasets via an open, seamlessly integrated Data Platform.

address civic pain points allowing holistic progress towards being data-driven in achieving smart city goals

COVID-19 Public Health Crisis Management
eliminate virus outbreaks, mitigate casualties, activate Emergency Plans, and minimize socio-economic impact

Smart Transportation and Urban Mobility
holistic and efficient intelligent transport promoting smooth rides, safety, and reduce congestion and environmental impact

Public Safety
employ IoT and AI to respond more efficiently and effectively in critical situations    

Environmental Impact
develop environmentally sustainable urban best practices and situational handling
Power and Energy
efficiently manage assets and resources, optimize usage for smart lighting, generators and EV charging    
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    21 HaTa'asiya St Ra'anana, Center District 43000

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  • http://www.ipgallery.com

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