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One of the first in constructing Smart Cities and using IOT and AI, 60 cities globally have achieved the planning and design of Smart City.

As a leader of Smart City and industry Internet (Internet +) development, and a leading innovative technology services provider, iSoftStone is committed to promoting the integration between industrial development and urban development by advocating the concept of all-round service from urban planning, construction to operation. iSoftStone aims at creating Smart Cities that are suitable for life and industrial development, improving the quality people’s life in city and helping the construction of city’s industrialization informatization and urbanization as well as agricultural modernization, so as to promote sustainable development of cities in future.

Some Solutions:
Innovation Center Build
Demo Center Build
Business Center Build
Command Center Build
Cloud Computing
City Big Data Analysis
Systems Integrator
Middleware Build
Smart Building
City Master
City Assessment
City Planning
City Simulation
Agricultural Solutions & Monitoring
GHG Solutions & Monitoring
Traffic Solutions
Homeless Solutions
Pharma Solutions
Judicial Solutions
Defense Solutions
Environmental Solutions
Counterfeiting Solutions

Our Advantages
Relying on powerful platforms of cloud computing and big data and based on research about different needs for applications served for the government, enterprises and the public, iSoftStone can meet the requirements for the platforms of cloud computing and big data from different businesses, so as to provide the government with complete services for construction and operation of Smart City. 

Based on the needs for Smart City, iSoftStone can provide the cities with top-level; design consulting and planning, establishment of data service center, construction of cloud platform supported by public services, construction of main vertical application system, operation guarantee and other services; Depending on the different characteristics of urban development, iSoftStone can help cities to plan smart applications and provide Smart City with integrated services in different stages of construction under the guidance of the overall IT planning of Smart City.

Our Mission
iSoftStone’s focus is building upon the IOT, serving to intelligently solve daily problems.

Our Products