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Konveio turns regular PDFs into social documents for draft reviews, interactive reports, or digital workshops.

Konveio drives change by giving proactive leaders the tools they need to convey ideas, collect feedback, and spark action. It turns regular PDF plans and reports into Social Documents for draft reviews, interactive reports, digital workshops or immersive guides and training materials. 
Konveio’s simple platform lets you easily make plain PDFs interactive by adding maps, videos, charts, and other multimedia to create an engaging website with minimal hassle. 
Because effective social change requires dialogue, Konveio also lets your community provide input as they explore resources, keeping you informed about potential opportunities and challenges related to implementation.
Save your project from collecting dust on a shelf - foster buy-in and inspire social action today with Konveio.
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    59 W Floyd Ave Englewood, CO 80110

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  • https://konveio.com