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Live XYZ

Live XYZ offers an accurate and complete index of all storefronts and points of interest, and tools for tracking change over time.

Live XYZ  delivers precise, accurate storefront and point of interest data. Through our app, on-the-ground mapping process and data model, Live XYZ  has created a hyper-accurate map that tracks spaces and places and how they change over time. 

As cities navigate the COVID-19 crisis, Live XYZ’s dataset, as well as our data model and delivery systems, can be utilized to effectively target resources and provide mission critical support to businesses and residents. We have collected and mapped storefront data in 30+ metropolitan areas across the country, providing an initial baseline layer against which to scale future mapping operations. We have also developed tools for collecting, managing and delivering data on businesses. Our product offers up-to-date, precise information on which businesses are operating, which are able to reopen, and for how long they remain open.
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    85 Broad St New York, NY 10004

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  • https://liveapp.com