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Mobi is a software company with a AI-powered SaaS platform delivering advanced mobility insights and traffic optimization for governments.

Mobi is revolutionizing mobility for cities by equipping them with a platform to understand mobility patterns, optimize traffic flow, and reduce congestion by >30% across any road network. Mobility demand continues to rise, but road network capacity required to support it has fallen short – cities recognize they’re not providing the quality of service needed for their economies to thrive. With rising driver frustration, increasing economic loss, and diminishing air quality, building more roads isn’t the answer and offering alternative modes isn’t enough – the solution is for cities to transform how traffic is managed, shifting from reacting to congestion after it’s occurred to preempting it from occurring at all. Mobi’s platform is enabling cities to take back control of their roads. Whether it’s understanding mobility patterns to help Israel slow the spread of the covid-19 virus or predicting/preventing congestion in cities across the US, Mobi is there to meet your mobility needs

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