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Parsons Corporation

Parsons uses our knowledge of existing infrastructure design, construction, systems, and cybersecurity to keep cities and people connected.

What is now called Smart Cities is what Parsons has been doing for 74 years: finding new ways to solve age-old problems. Our experience with cybersecurity, Positive Train Control, and Intelligent Transportation Systems has laid the groundwork for smart city architecture for clients like Caltrans, Metrolink, and NYC MTA. Now we are taking that technology and expertise to the next level. Parsons’ INTELLIGENT NETWORKS® solution operates in 20 metropolitan areas and helps agencies to integrate new technologies into their regional transportation networks. Our collision avoidance multimodal solutions enable transportation systems to operate safely and more reliably. Our in-house cybersecurity capabilities help protect cost-sensitive information and critical infrastructure. As a trusted advisor to 400 agencies, Parsons understands what problems keep our clients up at night, and we have 14,000 employees working with them to find technical solutions that will make their cities Smart Cities.

Our Products