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SoloPower Systems

Our lightweight, flexible solar technology provides the design versatility that makes integration with a variety of applications simple.

Solopower Systems Inc. is a pioneer in high-performance thin film solar materials science and a large-scale manufacturer of flexible ultra-lightweight CIGS photovoltaic products headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA.
SoloPower Systems high-volume CIGS solar cell manufacturing line has an installed annual production capacity of 70 MW, scalable to 220 MW.
The Company has shipped LPV modules with UL and IEC certifications since 2010 and commissioned its Portland factory in 2014. Solopower Systems proven and proprietary manufacturing process uses electroplating technology to deposit high-efficiency CIGS PV material directly onto a stainless steel substrate.
Solopower Systems flexible cells and panels serve a large addressable rooftop market (>14 GW).  Primary applications for the company’s line of lightweight photovoltaics are large scale commercial, government and municipal roof tops where systems weight and wind loads are critical attributes to be considered when installing solar PV systems.
Manufactured to exacting international standards, all of Solopower System’s LPV modules are tested to meet IEC / UL specifications.

Our Products