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Smart city applications based on connected street lighting, with a business case proven over 1M lights and a free wireless IoT network.

Telensa makes wireless smart city control applications, including PLANet, the world’s favorite smart streetlight solution with a global footprint of over one million lights. Based on a compelling business case with proven scalability, Telensa’s solutions provide a low-cost platform for city-wide multi-sensor applications.
Fundamental to Telensa’s success is its Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) radio system. UNB combines multi-mile range with capacity for massive numbers of devices - yet it consumes a fraction of the power of mesh networks and at a fraction of the cost of cellular or Wi-Fi.
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    Suite 1700 Building 600 Atlanta, GA 30328

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    (330) 623 0500

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  • http://telensa.com

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